Haus Schopenhauer

Haus Schopenhauer

Our hotel was built on the site where the famous Schopenherhaus stood between 1805 and 1944. The building served as the residence of key urban and national figures for more than 130 years. It was named after the world-famous philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who lived in it together with his poodle Butz from 1859 until his death in 1860.

The house was built in the area formerly known as the Fisherman's Field in Frankfurt, which for centuries served as a home for river fishermen.
The financier of the house at the beginning of the 19th century had been Zacharias Isaak Wertheimber, who had commissioned the classicist architect Johann Georg Christian Hess to build it. After its construction, the building was considered one of the major works of bourgeois classicism in Frankfurt.


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 After Schopenhauer's death, the building served, among other things, as the wine shop "Sachs & Höchheime."
Later it served as a place of residence for well-known personalities such as the consul Hartmann-Coustol, the philologist and high school director Tycho Mommsen and the Catholic historian Johannes Janssen.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the art historian Fried Lübbecke moved in.
The building's owner, Moritz Sachs-Fuld, had a prominent circle of friends and acquaintances who visited him regularly at the Schopenherhaus, including the composer Paul Hindemith.

The Schopenhaus house was destroyed in the war during a bombing raid in 1944.
A model of the Frankfurt city centre before the Second World War (including Schopenherhaus house) can be seen in the Frankfurt City Museum.